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GEMS 1.18.4 Cross Endorsement

GEMS 1.18.4 has the long awaited candidate cross endorsement feature.  Its pretty self-explanatory to use.  To cross endorse a candidate, select that candidate and press the new xendorse button.  Then change the voter group of the new candidate entry to the endorsement.
We have done very rudimentary tests with AVOS and BS 4.x (CC hasn't been tried).  There are a lot of local variations and rules regarding cross endorsement.  Both GEMS and the clients probably break a lot of these rules currently.  The thing to do is go through an L&A following the local customs, see what breaks, and then submit the rcr/bugtrack.  Of particular interest are counting rules (like push) and any new reporting requirements.  Now that the cross endorsement core is in place, implementing the various details will hopefully not be a huge undertaking.
I believe this is the last hurdle in the way of Pennsylvania certification.  New York will need the push variant implemented on the clients, but at least you can now lay out a NY cross endorsed ballot.