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RE: BallotStation4-0-8

Place the ballot station *.ins file onto the flashdisk card.
Put flashdisk into lower pcmcia slot of powered down R-6 unit.
Turn unit on.
Windows will come up.
A window will then be displayed asking to install the ballot station.
Press "OK".
Steve R.
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Stupid question perhaps? 
with only a pcmcia card how does one upgrade an R6 with a new BS release ?
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Subject: BallotStation4-0-8

Ballot Station 4-0-8 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BallotStationNT-4-0-8-0.zip   1abnujhnot3r5
BallotStationCE-4-0-8-0.zip   mltgakcp5mlfm
  • Fix problem when ovals position were reversed when display ballot.
  • Fix bug when incorrect voter group could be assigned in straight party.
  • Fix bug where sort order of lists may appear incorrect.
  • Modify source code to meet FEC requirements.