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RE: voter claims they didn't vote

Would it be possible to put the election total of that machine on the card once the voter has voted it?  That way if the card was not even programmed, a previous total would still be on the card.


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I have thought about this issue a number of times in the past -- it came up again today at Virginia cert.  What is the standard operating procedure if a voter comes back to the poll worker with their smart card and claims it isn't working?  Well, we all know the answer to that:  we burn them a new card.  Problem is, the voter might be lying, and wants to vote again.


From a practical standpoint its this is really not a problem.  I think everyone would agree this is a pretty ineffectual way to stuff a ballot box.  I do worry a bit about having to explain this reasoning to John Stossel though.


The only practical suggestion I can think of is to timestamp the voter cards when the ballot is cast.  Inserting a voted card would pop up a message saying that the card was voted and when.  A poll worker would then know that the ballot was just cast.


For now I suspect we will continue to pretend the issue doesn't exist.  It is worth thinking about though.  Any other practical suggestions on how we might handle this are welcome.