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VTS Question- Brevard

Please see below and advise – if possible – thanks – John




Here's the problem we discussed on the phone:


In our setup for our August 21 Special General Election, we have one contest

with two candidates, one Republican and one Democratic, plus a write-in

position.  The Republican candidate is the listed first.  When I print out

the election summary report and request party labels, the labels for the two

candidates print correctly, but a label, DEM, is also printed for the

write-in position.  This does not happen when I print a precinct summary or

the SOVC.  We haven't seen this before, although we haven't had a general

election with only one race before either.  We think we can work around this problem

if we need to, but if possible we would like it fixed.




Lee White

Systems Manager

Brevard County Elections Office