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Re: BallotStation 4-0-7

sorry Dmitry -  one more big bug to fix
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Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 2:01 PM
Subject: BallotStation 4-0-7

BallotStation 4-0-7 for WinCE and WinNT are now on the ftp site. The passwords are:
BallotStationCE-4-0-7-0.zip   ecbd0jhno2rb1
BallotStationNT-4-0-7-0.zip    nl7gbkcs5mlfm
  • Fix problem with not updating reader status when card was not properly inserted.
  • Fix problem with scaling RTF in Party select dialog.
  • Fix problem with not correctly updating display in Admin and Pre-Elect dialogs.
  • Re-organized CreateCard dialog to match other dialogs.
  • Check for memory card removal and end dialog if occures.
  • Hide Windows task bar.
  • Fix problem with Challenged votes not being included in the report.
  • Fix problem with Write-In text being truncated