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Using cumulative report precincts (was RE: Multiple Cumulative Counter Groups....)

Jeff, I was playing around with multiple cumulative reporting precincts, and I think I know the root source of the confusion here.  When you have cumulative report precincts, you usually(1) only need to create one new counter group named "cumulative".  Don't create Absentee and Early counter groups like you would when you are breaking out by precinct.  The whole point of cumulative report precincts is that you are breaking out Absentee and Early voting as precincts, not as counter groups.  For the Georgia database that you were setting up, if you just had one cumulative counter group, then you wouldn't see the duplicate report precincts in the vote centers by default (and then have to delete them).  If the GEMS manual is unclear on this, its worth a section.  Nel, please review this with Jeff.
(1)    read, every real world case I've seen