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FW: AV-TS R6 Reverse Print

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From: Ian S. Piper [mailto:ian@gesn.com]
Sent: July 21, 2001 7:01 PM
To: Nel Finberg (E-mail)
Subject: AV-TS R6 Reverse Print

In the AccuVote-TS User's Guide, Section 11.12.1 (System Setup), there is a incorrect definition for the setup checkbox "Reverse Print".
The "reverse Print" does not reverse the color of the print, it reverses the printed line order on the printout.  That is, it starts printing the last line of text, first.  A "bottoms up" approach.
This checkbox is only present in the setup for use in the AVTS R4 units.  It is not supported for the R6 units and should never be checked.
Please ensure that the description of this checkbox is corrected in the next release of the document and that a note is made that it should never be checked on an R6 unit.