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Lots of unrelated RCRs from bowers (was RE: why bother with a subject, anyway)

From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of Jeff Hintz
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 11:59 AM

I have received an e-mail from Bill Bowers of GBS, asking for an update to outstanding RCR's.  Could anyone enlighten me on the status of the following:
Gems HTML for SOVC 
Not in the foreseeable future.  Use PDF.
 Print SOVC with selected reporting units 
Create a district with those report units, and then print SOVC for that district.  Multiple selection in SOVC is on the plate, but pretty far down the queue given the aforementioned workaround.
 Put Precinct name on two lines in Endorsement 
This is in 1.18, though not by supporting carriage lines in @precinct macro as was submitted by Nel.  I'll do the RCR follow up in a sec as well as post a description of the new feature to support.
Delete a registered write in created after data base set for election 
This is a bug, but it turns out hard to fix structurally.  A bug is a bug though -- I will fit it in somehow.  Rattle my chain in a couple of weeks if you don't see any movement on this one.  Backups are definately your friend on this one, though.
Manual Entry cards updates votes cast
This is in 1.18 (though I don't like the feature myself).  I think Dmitry did the RCR post some time ago.