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Ballot Station 4.x.x.x hints

A few hints to make life easier for Ballot Station 4.x.x.x users:

There have been problems when ballot station 4.x.x.x is being tried for the
first time.
Before panicking try a full install of 1.17.12 GEMSIS or later.  1.17.13
seems good.

Also, if your are messing around with Spyrus Card Managers, make sure you
are using the latest software.
Ballot Station works with Spyrus Card Manager CM-0-2-9.  Other
combinations may or may not work.

Setting the Accu-Vote TS options scaling at 85% and using 2 columns makes
for a readable ballot.

I have attached TS Text files we have been using here in McKinney to enhance
the instructions and readability of the 4.x.x.x ballot station.

My experience has mostly been with the windows CE version. The NT version
should work the same.

If anyone else has suggestions to help your support brethren, please add to
this trail.

Steve Ricke

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