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RE: pw for Gems 1-11-8-2 and 1-11-13-5

Attached was is the announce.  It was an exceptional release made for SC. is an internal release.  The last public 1.11 release I see on sw-announce is 1.11.13.  1.11.14 is tagged however.  It was the 'final' release sent to Menopause.  I'll put it up shortly.
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Subject: pw for Gems 1-11-8-2 and 1-11-13-5

anyone have the passwords for these - have searched and cannot find them
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GEMS-1-11-8-2 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-11-8-2.zip   mkyqmoqtpbfqm Oct-13-00

                Added South Carolina Export.




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