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RE: GEMS 1-17-15 User's Guide

I am cautious releasing this (1-17) until we have completed ITA certification.  At that time it will be released publicly.  GEMS 1-11-14 has been certified by the ITA and is undergoing a few final revisions.  Once those are finished it will be posted. 


Please note that there is a charge for these manuals.  Customer must be paying annual support/license fee for GEMS before they are eligible to get updated manuals.  The manuals can be ordered and received in a printed and bound fashion, but a workorder/sales order must be received before this will happen


Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems


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is this for internal or general release?

same with 1-11



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The GEMS 1-17-15 User's Guide can now up on the staff site in pdf format.