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RE: Summer Institute

I think I misspoke with you last night.
I did program a card for the summer institute.  The card I programmed on was labeled with "LA database"(I know, I should have changed the label).  It was a card I have used here for testing and have never had a problem with.
The card I programmed for the summer institute was working fine here.
I have not seen your problem.  The message you are getting is encountered in uploads and downloads but not at power up as far as I know.
Will try to duplicate here. 
You may want to try using a manager card to see the status of the election.
I will regenerate the download and attach it to another e-mail as soon as I retest.  You can then copy the files directly to the pcmcia card using the pcmcia slot on your laptop.
Steve R.
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A PCMCIA card was sent to me from McKinney yesterday, and on startup it gives a message about RAS and looking for network. 
1. Is this flag on the PCMCIA card?
2. How do I tell it to quit looking for a network? 
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