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RE: GEMS-Reports-1-17-14

I believe this is by design, no?  What would be the point?
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Districts with Base precincts report does not display Jurisdiction wide
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Subject: GEMS-Reports-1-17-14

GEMSReports-1-17-14 is on ftp site. The password is:
GEMS-Reports-1-17-14.zip     gbyqmoqhpbf07
  • Display Jurisdiction Wide district in  DistrictsWithSubDistricts and PrecinctsWithDistricts reports.
  • Fix CardsArtwork report to display either Precinct number or sequence number.
  • Reconcile reports title with the Reports.ini labels.
  • Fix MemoryCardStatus and TSFloppyStatusReport reports when time field did not show correct value.
  • Fixed formatting in TSWriteInSortReport.
  • Added Write-In Summary report that includes Region info and  sorted by VcenterID
  • Display correct race type in the RaceReport.
  • Minor cleanup in the Ballots with Report Precincts and the Base Precincts with Cards reports.
  • Fix row alignment in the Cards with Plates report.