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Spyrus Battery Life

During the Chico election, four (4) Spyrus readers ran out of battery during the day.  During the Alameda Oakland City election one (1) Spyrus ran out of battery.  The Oakland unit was "new" or unused to my knowledge, although I don't know where it had been prior to being shipped from McKinney.  The Chico units that ran out of juice could have been from LA and may have been through an election.  However, it causes fairly big issues in the precinct, as it generally happened around 5:00pm during the busiest time of the day.
The following questions are raised and need to be answered:
1) Given the use of Spyrus in this environment, how long should be expect batteries to last?
2) I haven't found a philips yet that fits the battery compartment.  Can McKinney provide to us or give us
    info on where we can get small (scratch that - tiny) phillips screw drivers.
3) When changing batteries, do we "lose" the Global software stored in the unit?  My concern is obviously:  If the battery only lasts an election or two AND new software has to be loaded onto the Spyrus when batteries are changed, we have a problem.  Awaiting info.  Thanks
Steve Knecht
Global Election Systems
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