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Re: R6 Power status

Dear Big Bucks,

During the day in Chico on Tuesday, I setup the R6 and charged battery until
it said "high".  And I kept charging it for another 1/2 hours or so.   I
then unplugged it for about 3 minutes and it went to "low".  I don't have a
problem with the definitiions at all.  High is High.  Low is Low.  After
all, English is the language of Science all over the world. However, if High
is so transitory, like any good high, then perhaps we could call it "Quick
High" or "Flash High" or "Don't-Blink-An-Eye High".

It does beg the question regarding how long these ontological battery states
of  existence should last.  Do I have a "prototype" battery too?

Still Wondering and Wandering in Chico

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> > The "Power" field on the R6 election mode screen can (according to the
> > User's Guide) be defined as high,
> The charge in the battery is high.
> > low,
> The charge in the battery is low.
> > critical,
> The charge in the battery is critically low.
> > charging,
> The battery is charging.
> > no battery,
> There is no battery.
> > and
> > unknown.
> The state of the battery isn't known.
> > What does each of these mean?
> That's why they pay us the big bucks, to explain these things.
> Ken