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Re: R6 Power status

The battery statuses displayed are those that are defined by the Win32 API.
In theory on the R6 unit you should never see the "Unknown" status. On the
R4 unit, since there is not power management system installed, you will
always see "Unknown" as the power status.

As for the other statuses:
"High"     - battery level is high (ie well charged)
"Low"     - battery level is low (ie not well charged)
"Critical"  - battery level is critically low and the system will shut down
"Charging" - battery is charging
"No Battery" - there is no battery.

Currently the system is not very good at determining the status of the
battery. In particular the R6 unit will only detect charging, high and low


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> No, it all pretty much makes sense to me now.  I am assuming that a power
> status of "low" or "critical" only appears if the unit is running off
> battery power (or unless...there's a comeback editorial comment hanging
> there, but I can't say it without making someone angry).
> Tyler
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> >
> > Ergo if the unit has a battery and is plugged in, its power status
> > always be "high" (battery fully charged) or "charging", nez pas?
> You'd think so.  I am assuming you are going to get to the part where you
> tell us its not eventually, right?
> > And what
> > would cause the unit to be unable to discern the status of the
> > battery (i.e.
> > "unknown")?
> There is an internal sensor that determines whether Steve Knecht is in the
> room, and that status is displayed in this case.
> You are right.  That state doesn't make sense to me either, and if it
> the cases where it can happen should be documented.
> Ken