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GEMS V1.17.11.1 & AccuVote 1.96.1 - Blank Ballots Report

Larry Calvert of GBS has asked me the following question: Do we have a
report in GEMS that gives the total number of Blank Ballots, not the Times
Blank Voted by office???  He has read the release notes for the AccuVote
1.96.1 rom version and seen in the notes "upload the number of Blank
(unvoted), overvoted, undervoted and write-in ballots counted for use in
GEMS reports."  I guess that he is interpeting this information in some
report format.  I do not have any 1.96.1 AccuVote rom versions, but I do
have GEMS, and I do not see any type of reports that will give the
total of Blank Ballots.  Do we have some type of report coming out in a
later release of GEMS that will do this???