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memory card corruption in Kansas

More on the memory card corruption front ... this time Kansas ...


25 of 200 of Wyandotte County's memory cards have experinced corruption problems in the last three weeks.  Corruption was characterized by messages such as ‘Precinct Data Error’, ‘Text Check Error’, ‘Counter Error’ and so on.  Memory card corruption problems were experienced last Fall but were accentuated after batteries wee replaced.


Corruption occurred almost always at the point of powering the AccuVote on, and was experienced on many of the 86 AccuVote-OS used for testing.


Batteries were changed recently in all memory cards.  Batteries were installed in the correct orientation, and batteries removed from packaging were kept separated so as to eliminate the possibility of shorting.


Shawnee County, also in Kansas, recently purchased a $21,000 batch of memory cards of which 66 reported corruption.