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Fw: [global] RE: Digital phones

Spokane, a strong prospect, is concerned because 60% of their sites are
schools.  Almost all of them digital.  Fresno has increasing digital
service.  I've read the emails, but still not sure I get it.  This is a
growing issue that needs to be addressed, either by some adapter or via
wireless or something.  Anyway, here are some of my questions:
1. Is all digital a fixed point to point line that is "Up" all the time, ie.
no dialing.
2. How do schools have digital fax machines?  Are they using adapters or
3. Do these digital faxes work without a dial tone?
4. Who in the company would be appropriate to research the issue of digital
service alternatives?  (Jeff D.?)

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> Global
> Steve,
> We have 37 out of 240 polling place sites that are schools for the March
> election.  14 school locations have digital telephone systems.  Some fax
> machines are digital as well.
> We are having problems finding a usable telephone line for the school
> locations and the problem seems to be escalating when the school upgrades
> their telephone systems.
> Robert
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> > If each of you could take a moment and let me know how many total
> > places you have, and how many of them are schools, then how many of
> > have digital phone systems I would appreciate it.  My experience has
> > that there is usually a fax machine there we can use for election night
> > transmission.  Maybe I'm off base here.  So the information I'm looking
> > for really goes to how much of a problem you folks are having locating a
> > usable telephone line on election night at schools with digital phone
> > systems.
> > Thanks
> > Steve Knecht
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