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RE: IME Asian Fonts

This is being placed on the laptop for Karen Rhea for support of Alameda,

Larry J. Dix
Vice President of Operations
Global Election Systems

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from microsoft
Who needs Global IME?
                           Any user who needs to input an East Asian text
across language platforms of Windows Me, Windows
                           98, Windows 95, or Windows NT 4.0 could use
Global IME.

                           Note: the Global IMEs are not necessary on
Windows 2000 since that OS has full-featured East Asian input
                           support built in.

                           Global IME is designed to help individuals and
businesses who want to communicate in Chinese,
                           Japanese, or Korean without having to run a
separate Chinese, Japanese, or Korean version of
                           Windows. With Global IME, a business based in New
York could use its U.S. version of the browser to
                           send messages in Korean to an overseas affiliate.
And a student attending classes in Paris could
                           write home in Japanese.

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Subject: IME Asian Fonts

> I seem to be having troublefinding IME  Asain font for 2000.does anyone
> any suggestions on where to look to find this for windows 2000? any help
> would be great.