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Re: creole

John, in case of the AVTS, we would need to create a TS Text folder for creole - arrange for a translation agency - and set aside a locale id.  The additional TS Text folder and revised TS Text.ini should be incorporated into the GEMS install pack.
Regarding fitting the languages to the ballot, I am assuming you are talking about paper.  If this is the case, you are limited by space for every additional language in the same way that we experienced with English and Spanish with the Hillsborough demo.  You also mentioned an option about overprinting language on English ballots that was a great idea, which could apply here too.
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Ignorance is bliss – what is “NEXT”


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Do we support “Creole” as  a language on TS


No, but we could presuming there is a Creole translation for "Next".

and can we use the same language on absentee printed ballots?


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Subject: creole

Addenda to the Creole question –   is it possible to put English, Spanish and a third language on the absentee ballot? 


Yep, though you might force a second card if you run out of space.