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RE: Precinct Header Cards.

They are usually printed in McKinney on an HP5Si HM Printer, but the printer has been reconfigured and is unavailable for printing.  Also the UNIX server has been reformatted and the script files and printer drivers need to be re-installed.
Don V.  Is there a chance that Mike Brown or someone in Support can set this equipment up so that we are capable of printing these special control cards?
I will also contact David Dean at Spectrum to see if they are capable of printing these special cards.  But even if Spectrum can print them, it doesn't preclude the need for printing the cards here.  We still need the equipment setup.
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Subject: Precinct Header Cards.


I was told by Bonnie to order it from McKinney.




 I think we may them up here.



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Subject: header cards - who prints?


Dumb question but we have this precinct header card report in Gems - that is great- but who prints up the header cards and from what?