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Re: Booth Animation and Booth Assy Graphics

When I download and try to unzip the booth animation_dec10.zip file from the ftp I get an error message
"Invalid compressed data to inflate".  Does anyone know what that means?
The "booth animation_dec10.zip" is the GIF file that you can open with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  This file is on the FTP site.  The ZIP file password is "pkdio389smkeo". 
The "voting booth assy.zip" is the SolidWorks assembly file that can be viewed with the SolidWorks 2000 Viewer program.   This file is on the FTP site.  The ZIP file password is "kavxsd29q4ewm". 
These graphics files are the same as the ones you viewed during the sales meeting.  Please do not leave them on customer's computers as these graphics are actual assembly files which we don't want to have fall into our competition's hands.  (Hate to have someone beat us to the punch on delivering this product).
The SolidWorks 2000 Viewer file is also available on the FTP site.  It is NOT password protected.  It is a self extracting ZIP file.  Just download it, run it and it will guide you on the first part of the installation.  Once it stores its install files in a specific directory, you will have to run the SETUP.EXE file in that directory.  Depending on your operating system choose either "swviewerWin95-98" or "swviewerWinNT-2000".
Keep the SolidWorks Viewer program loaded on your machine to take advantage of further graphics coming up in the future.
Merry Christmas