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Re: Data Downloaded to Spyrus

It helps. Thanks.  When I look at the base precinct edit window or report precinct edit window which field map to which keys in your message, including export ID?  I may need to ask Tab as well, since I believe he's using export id for vcprogrammer edit checking.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2001 1:27 PM
Subject: RE: Data Downloaded to Spyrus

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Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 7:03 PM

Can we get an explanation of what data is xferred to Spyrus?   
Everything poll pook puts on the cards, Spyrus just copies.  A card created with poll book should act exactly like that card once duplicated by spyrus.
Is it the base precinct ID and label?  Is it the consolidated label and ID?   
Stored on the card is report precinct key, base precinct key, party key, and the 12 character spyrus name.  The keys are internal values stored in GEMS that you never see.  The 12 character name is based on the base precinct label.
I need to know for some problems I'm seeing with the DIMS import and the data it is creating (ie. prefacing the precinct number with "CONSOLID PREC. NO. 280500.01".   
If they were to call that instead C-280500.01 you would be just peachy.
I'd like to better understand the flow of the data from import out to GEMS to pollbook to Spyrus.   
Hope this helps.
Any time.