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Wednesday February 14 8:46 AM ET
Dutch Arrest Suspected Creator of Kournikova Virus

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Police in the northern town of Sneek said Wednesday they had arrested the self-proclaimed creator of the Anna Kournikova (news - web sites) computer virus after he turned himself in.

The 20-year-old man allegedly posted a letter on the web on Tuesday saying he was the creator of the virus which, disguised as a digital photo of the Russian tennis star, e-mailed itself around the world. It slowed down e-mail systems and caused some servers to be shut down.

``When it became clear what the virus was causing, and after consulting his parents, he decided to turn himself in,'' Dutch police said in a statement.

A police spokesman told Reuters that the man referred to himself as 'On The Fly.'

In the letter (at http://members.tripodnet.nl/on-the-fly), the self-confessed virus creator claimed inspiration in equal parts from devotion to the 19-year-old tennis star and evidence that Internet users were not taking measures to protect themselves from viruses.

The man, who has been released pending a court appearance, could face a prison sentence of up to four years