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RE: Straight Party vs Preference Races (was: GEMS programming question)

In looking back through this stream I don’t see where I did CC anyone – but I may be mistaken.  I did forward some responses – is that against the policy as well – and I mean that innocently not defensively.   Concerning the mailing list policies, is that something that was sent to me specifically and the sales team as a whole?  


And let me say for the record – there’s a lot I don’t understand – I depend on you guys a bunch – thanks for the help with the policy...


John – and thanks for the additional info on the GEMS/AV OS question.



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First, John, from our mailing list policies: (http://staff.gesn.com/lists/index.html)

Do not CC customers when posting to the lists, or forward messages from the lists to customers without permission.

If you don't understand something, ask.  It's up to you to be able to interpret our discussions for your customers.  If you want documentation for your customers, that's a separate matter and you'll need to ask for it.  The bottom line is that it's important that you understand the subject material.

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Okay, now I am thoroughly confused.  I may have used the wrong language in my initial message.  Did Guy get my original message?  What is being proposed is that ALL candidates, regardless of party affiliation appear on the same ballot.  A voter must make the choice to vote for candidates in all races from the same political party.  Will GEMS be able to reject a ballot (or not count for a race) if a voter starts voting for democratic candidates and then chooses a libertarian candidate?  Sorry to have confused everyone...Thanks again. 

  Please advise your customer that GEMS does not handle ballots, the Accu-Votes (in their various forms) do.  And it really helps to specify as exactly as possible which type and release of AV you're talking about.

  In response to the question, the AV-OS-PC (assuming that this is what we're talking about) will reject cross voted open primary ballots if the Accu-Vote reject flag (called "Over Voted Crossover Races" in GEMS I believe) is set.  Otherwise the partisan races on a cross voted ballot would not be counted.

  Nel has proposed using a party preference race but if that race was voted, then the AV-OS-PC would not reject cross voted ballots because in that case it would not even look at races of other parties.