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Re: California March Closed (???) (was RE: California Open Primary Option (2002) in Gems for AVTS)

I think we better be very carefull here with topics here.  The  previous subject was "California Open Primary Option (2002)".  You are saying "California March Closed Primary".  I assume these are different topics?
Acutally it reflects the "half pregnant" primary.  The voters voted for "open" primary in CA., so they are still calling it "open", "slightly open", "door ajar open" etc.  From our standpoint it looks "closed" except as I was pointing out with the "non-partisan" / "decline to state" voters.  If I started the confusion with "open" vs. "closed" I apologize. 
Just to make sure we are speaking same language here, central committee races are the same as precinct comittee races, right?  One race per precinct?
Precinct committee races are different races in each precinct (ala King Co.), and require a unique race ID.  Central Committee races don't change in each precinct, and generally entail a single party slate for a county or a single "race id" throughout the County.  The big question is usually which voters are allowed to vote the race.  Sometimes parties only wants "registered" voters in their party to vote on the race, while other parties (democrats so far) want "non-partisan" voters to vote on the main ballot, but NOT on the central committee race.  We should therefore think of these NP voters asking for a DEM ballot as another party category.
Don, I ask again, who is that person.  It sounds like it can be done with a vgroup1 set up for the parties, and a vgroup2 set up for "declared" and "declined to state", but this person needs to hit the keys and find out.
Karen Rae (was assigned by Jeff Dean) as "project manager" for Alameda.  But this is a California wide issue.  Someone should be assigned to do general testing on this.  (I will assist Karen as much as possible on Alameda touch screen issues.)