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RE: GEMS programming question

Yes, GEMS can be programmed to reject this ballot.

In GEMS, Setup>AccuVote Options>Reject Settings; check the box that says
"Overvoted Crossover Races".  This assumes that the races are linked to
different voter groups, i.e. Setup>Voter Groups>Parties AND on the Options
tab (VGroup1)for the individual races.


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Please see below and advise.  I have already related we support straight
party and straight party crossover.  I believe she is funning GEMS 1.11.8
or possibly 1. 13


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From: Gail Fenumiai [mailto:Gail_Fenumiai@gov.state.ak.us]
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 3:31 PM
To: John McLaurin
Subject: GEMS programming question

Can GEMS be programmed to prohibit cross party voting.  Alaska will be
implementing new primary rules for the 2002 election.  One of the ideas
floating around is having one ballot that lists all candidates from a
variety of political parties.  Once a voter fills in the first oval for
a Democrat, they must continue to vote for all democratic candidates
throughout the remainder of the races appearing on the ballot.  If a
voter tried to vote for a Libertarian candidate, can GEMS be programmed
to reject this ballot?

Basically, it means straight party voting, no switching around from race
to race.  I need to know an answer to this very soon.  Thanks.