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California Open Primary Option (2002) in Gems for AVTS

Are you aware of the California March Closed primary "decline to state" legislation.  This means that in the March 2002 state primary, a voter can "declare" their party at the poll if they are a "non-partisan", and therefore vote a "party" ballot.  For example, if they are not registered for Democratic party, but they are a "decline to state" voter, they can show up at the polling place, declare they want to vote a democratic ballot, and they will be given one of two democratic ballots, in this case the one without the democratic central committee race.  (A normal registered democrat will get a democrat ballot with the central committee race on it). Depending on how other parties decide to allow the "decline to state" or nonpartisan voters to select a party ballot, we could theoretically have up to 15 ballot types in a precinct in March.  This is FYI, and presently only the democrats have instituted this, giving us minimally 9 ballot styles per precinct in the March election.  If several more parties go along with the democrats, we could exceed the Spyrus capability.  (Deborah - did I get this right?)
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Do we have an Open Primary Option in Gems so that we can program the AVTS unit to come up with the option of choosing the party that the voter wishes to vote???
GEMS:  Yes.
AVTS:  Not to my knowledge, but I have never tried.