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Alameda (Oakland election April 17)

Those are the bitmap screens only.  Those can be changed without changing the version.
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It's ok with me to use same rev. of software. (I noticed the two units for EV in Piedmont had different initial screens - one had languages, one didn't - does this mean they have or don't have same files loaded??)
We don't have extra from Oakland since we have 6 ev sites and 27 precincts.  Oakland can't be backup for LA.  
We'll need to check bios and versions to make sure its all the same.
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From: Jeff Hintz
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Has this equipment been shipped yet???  The reason I ask, I was wondering if we should put on the same AVTS version that we currently have in Oakland & LA, which is  Since we will be using a combination of the new units along with the units that they already have, and also using units from Oakland as backup for LA.  Suggestions???
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Subject: Alameda (Oakland election April 17)

I just faxed the work order for the Oakland election for Alameda.
50 AVTS units (I guess the blue and white - no modems necessary)
30 Spyrus cards (I will need 10 shipped ASAP for the PIEDMONT election)
250 Smart cards (that work with the Spyrus - I'll need 50 of the Smartcards by Feb.12 for Piedmont)
       these will need the Alameda Logo - Perhaps you can add some Identifier on the logo to distinguish
        these cards from the other 250 cards.
I attached a spread sheet to show the amount we are billing for the Oakland election $196,700 with 50% to be billed on delivery and 50% billed on certification of the April 17 election.  By then we'll know about the next 900 units for the UDEL in November.  Please keep me informed about smart cards and spyrus issues as Jeff Hintz will be heading to Alameda on Jan. 23 for Logic and Accuracy testing and will, I'm sure, be asked about how they are creating cards in the precincts. 
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