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RE: Accu-Vote Firmware Certification Efforts

Will this 1.96 revision (based from 1.95) also include the latest changes to the 1.94 versions (e.g., 128KB one pass memory card duplication, auto-feed sort bit)?
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Sent: February 01, 2001 7:06 PM
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Subject: Accu-Vote Firmware Certification Efforts

  We require certification of the current AV-OS functionality so we are preparing a new AV-OS 1.96 firmware release that we'll take to Wyle for FEC certification.  The plan is to prepare a 1.96 release based on 1.95e with some minor changes to the download protocol and to the memory card format.  There is no time for heavy testing so the modifications will be of types that are easy to test. We are not specifically asking for certification of each prior release since the last certification.  Our marketplace position is "all previous functionality has been preserved and rolled forward into certified version 1.96... you may continue to use your current firmware or upgrade... upgrade policies to be published".

  At the same time we are going to be establishing an ongoing arrangement with Wyle to get certification on all successive releases, either maintenance type or with new feature enhancements, in a timely manner.  There will be no more 1.94f-something type relabelled releases.

  According to Jeff D. we can expect this type of approach for each product.  [Cheers!!!]