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Staff Room Access for February 2001

Starting this weekend, to access the Staff Room ( http://staff.gesn.com ) from outside our firewalls you'll need to use:

Name:  support
Password: ask4nothing

The password will be changed on the first weekend of every month.

Comments about the staff site so far include:

- The archive search engine sucks.  We're going to need something better. [ I agree. ]

- We could use real-time access to the mail list messages rather than an archive updated each night.  We're going to consider linking the mail lists to a usenet news server (if you don't know what that is, stay tuned).  Other options are possible.

- Would be better if the messages weren't broken up by month.

- www.staff.gesn.com doesn't work.  I'll add support for the www. prefix RSN.

Feedback is always welcome.