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AVTS - Provisional Voters - Numbers

There was a question regarding how often the pollworker would be dealing with provisional voters in a precinct based election.  I asked Elaine, Brad, and Charles at Alameda yesterday.  The consensus was that now they would see the highest number being about 60 in some Berekeley precincts for a single polling location.  On average in all precincts, about 8-12.  They could see some Berekeley precincts getting higher numbers as we move forward.  That would equal 4.6 voters provisional voters per hour in the highest precinct. 
They are OK with indexing by number.  But the indexing needs to be thought out.  If we pre-printed numbers on an affidavit, then how would the ballot station automatically add the correct affidavit prefixes so that the poll worker would only have to type in the last 2 digits?  Would we have to pre-print affidavits for each precinct specific to each election??  I don't think that works.  I'm back to barcoding or something.
I am still hoping that we could manufacture a device that could read a bar code on the application and burn the card vs. trying to have the pollworker use the smaller Spyrus keypad button.  I guess we'll know more after Texas and Piedmont/Oakland regarding use of the Spyrus.
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