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RE: AVTS configuration standards

I like the idea of the level of control that we have now, but I would certainly defer to Nel and Jeff’s level of experience.  Nel, is there a functional reason why TS Text should be standardized?  Or is it just to avoid “weird” TS texts in “generic” environments (like demos, test elections, etc.)?  Perhaps we should be pushing for greater flexibility in employing multiple TS Text versions, not a rigid standardization.  I’m playing Devil’s advocate here, obviously.




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Yes, it would be great if we had a set standard.  However, when a customer requests that the would like the instructions to be specific for that particular election, ie: Amendment Election, School Bonds, etc, etc.  Are the customers stuck with a standard set of instructions when they are using paper ballots????  


I think that it would be much better, if we were able to put into Gems those items within TSText that change for different elections.  INPUT????  

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Subject: AVTS configuration standards

As it stands, many of us have varying versions of TS Text folders installed on our GEMS computers as well as varying versions of audio instructions on VIBS AVTS machines.  Could we aim at locking up and standardizing this information so that the TS Text is only changeable through a formal rcr procedure?  On one hand, this would make the revision of operational instructions and audio far more cumbersome, but at the same time, it would give us far greater control and standardization in the configuration of touch screens, which will be of greater importance as the units become increasingly deployed in the field.