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RE: Beta testing 1.94y rom for write-in stop using Accu-Feed (supplemental)

Per Ian’s request, additional testing was conducted on the Feeder Sort capability of the 1.94y rom.


A memory card was downloaded from a GEMS famous names database (named “famous names 152-2”, EID 02125ef9, with ballot card 0, hence the classic demo famous names ballot could be used).  1.94y ROMs (release date 00-11-03) were put into an Accu-Vote (SN 82530).  In supervisor functions, the memory card’s setup parameters were changed to Auto Feed Method, and the Feeder Sort was Disabled (this is a new option in this ROM).


The test deck consisted of 12 ballots, 6 of which had write-in votes on them.  The Accu-Vote did not stop for write-in ballots; all ballots were fed straight through without pause.


The test was conducted twice with the same results (including an accurate tabulation of the results and a successful direct upload of results).