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Re: ballot shell question

Fresno does this, but I believe they do a "pollstar" method, where candidates are listed on a seperate sheet of paper, and the ballot is printed with something like "candidate #1", "candidate #2", etc. The sheet of paper is printed with candidate #1 = John McLaurin, Candidate #2 = Robert Pickett, etc.  I think Tari might have this ballot.
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A prospect runs school elections in a very large Florida County to the tune of some 25,000 ballots a year and averages two school elections a week across their county.


What experience, if any, do we have at printing a ballot shell with a single column, single row of ovals (say up to 12) and a blank header area.  The idea is for the county to then print candidate names and school name in the appropriate area onto the shell customized to each election using in house MS Word and a connected printer.  I would also assume it would be a single database shell, replicated  and used over and over with the county replacing names and headers for each election.  Maybe we could provide candidate 1, candidate 2, candidate 3 in the database and they could change the names for each election.


As I read this now, I’m certain it’s not real clear.


But if you have got the gist of this please advise if this is doable.