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Re: Spyrus versions (was RE: VIBS for Spyrus reader)

Thanks.  Frank wants me to be in LA next Tuesday when early voting starts.  I'll let you know whether we need you or not.  Are you available?  We also need to lay out the Oakland ballot.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 1:54 PM
Subject: RE: Spyrus versions (was RE: VIBS for Spyrus reader)

I loaded Poll Book 3-13-7-2 on the Gems host computer there in Oakland.  As I stated to you the other day when we talked, all of the AVTS units have been tested and work, and are loaded with Version 3-13-5-1.  As for the creating of cards from the Spyrus, I believe there should be not problem, but I did not have a Spyrus to test.
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Subject: Spyrus versions (was RE: VIBS for Spyrus reader)

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Is 0.2.1 the Spyrus software version?    
Yes, 0.2.1 is the Spyrus version.  I suspect there will be a 0.3.0 in a couple of days.
What version of GEMS and ballot station do I need for Piedmont / Oakland?  thanks
Only critical issue with Spyrus is that you have Poll Book 3-13-7-2 installed somewhere so you can create the master voter cards.  As for GEMS and the Ballot Station, that's up to your project manager.  The Spyrus cards should be backwards compatible, but then I wouldn't want to rely on "should" until your PM finishes testing the complete system and is happy with the results.