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Re: Beta testing 1.94y rom for write-in stop using Accu-Feed

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Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 3:29 PM
Subject: Beta testing 1.94y rom for write-in stop using Accu-Feed

At Tari’s request, testing was conducted on the 1.94y ROM using the Accu-Feeder.  Testing was conducted specifically to test that the feeder stopped for ballots with write-in votes on them.


A memory card was downloaded from a GEMS famous names database (named “famous names 152-2”, EID 02125ef9, with ballot card 0, hence the classic demo famous names ballot could be used).  1.94y ROMs (release date 00-11-03) were put into an Accu-Vote (SN 82530).  In supervisor functions, the memory card’s setup parameters were changed to Auto Feed Method, and the Feeder Sort was Enabled (this is a new option in this ROM).


The test deck consisted of 12 ballots, 6 of which had write-in votes on them.  Each time a ballot with a write-in vote was fed through the Accu-Vote, the feeder stopped and the LCD gave a message indicating that a write-in ballot had been fed through whose vote needed to be recorded.  The write-in ballot was sitting on top of the ballots in the catch tray.  The feeder could then be re-started as normal (by putting un-read ballots back in the front feed tray and pressing the Yes button).


The test was conducted three times with the same results (including an accurate tabulation of the results).


Testing was conducted by Kerry Martin, Steve Ricke, and Tyler Lincks.