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RE: Standard test deck

Steve Ricke is working on that very same thing with David Dean for a
production test deck of 50 ballots (pre-marked).  Please co-ordinate this
with him.


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Sent: January 24, 2001 2:19 PM
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Subject: Standard test deck

In a conversation with David Dean at Global Printing the subject of a
standard test deck came up and I told him I would post something on the
support list.
An example was a test deck for a demo which contained approx 40 ballots
for what I would have considered 16 as needed.
Is the following fairly common or do some laws require something else?
1 blank
1 full
1 first cand
2 2nd cand
3 3rd cand
1 4th cand
2 5th cand etc.
1 all write in candidates
1 overvote
* treat number of "vote for" as 1 cand.
"vote for two"
1 first two cand
2 second two cand. etc.
Thanks: Don B