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RE: Scheduling Problems Using CuteFTP for Result File Transfers

I will look into it.
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Subject: Scheduling Problems Using CuteFTP for Result File Transfers

All three MN accounts used CuteFTP during the November election as a means of transferring their results files to their web server for use by the JResultClient app running on their websites.  The file transfer process worked fine. However, they were unable to successfully set up a file transfer scheduling operation to run at an interval described in minutes.  The scheduling operation within CuteFTP wants to schedule events on a daily basis and makes it very cumbersome and difficult to schedule tasks in intervals of minutes or even hours. We opted for creating an FTP macro and manually executing the macro every time we wanted the file transfer process to be completed.

Has anyone had any success configuring the scheduler within CuteFTP for small (minutes) time intervals and if so could you post instructions please?


Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems