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RE: Memory card checksum errors Seminole Cty.

John Haranzo of Seminole reports that the  unit  Ian has in hand had two memory card failures during the recount of one precinct. (Mickey Martin was operating the unit which may explain everything)  The third downloaded card was successful at completing the count at which point they shelved the unit.  Because this seems site specific to the ration of card failures 7 in 130 precincts and in general we had few across Florida and Georgia.  Could the AV download unit cabled to the Host be problematic and if so should that be sent to McKinney for testing. 




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I will be visiting with Lana on Monday and will ascertain the particulars related to the second memory card.  One concern I’ve had all along is “if” we are getting the full story from Lana.


I’ll be back in touch and thanks for all of y’alls (that’s southern for all of you) help.




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    Here is all the information I have about the 'negative' counts.


  1. Only the presidential totals were incorrect. All the other races the sum of the votes + under votes + blank votes = sum of ballots cast.
  2. The problem precinct had two memcory cards uploaded. The second one is the one I believe caused the problem. They were uploaded on the same port approx. 1 hour apart. As far as I know there should only have been one memory card uploaded.  I asked you to check this out when the problem first occured but have not heard back as to whether this is true.
  3. When the precinct was cleared and re-uploaded (only one memory card as far as I know) everything was fine.
  4. Given that we transfer data in ascii form not binary and given the way the data was 'invalid' the error could not have occured during transmission. Therefore the error could only occur in one of four ways:
    1. Corrupt memory card. This is the most likely explaination for the problem but since I know nothing about the 'second' memory card I have no ability to confirm the probability of this.
    2. Invalid read from good memory card. This is unlikely since the candidates results for the race are not all read at the same time and the corruption was limited to a single race.  There is a possiblilty that a section of the memory card was bad but since I do not know anything more about the 'second' memory card I cannot validate this.
    3. Corruption of memory, whether on the host or Accu-Vote.  Again this is unlikely due to the localization of the problem to a single race.
    4. Invalid memory card (i.e. one that should not have been uploaded).  There is always the possiblity that the 'second memory card' or 'second upload' came from an un-authorised source.


    If this problem is to be properly answered we need to determine where the 'second' memory card is or whether it even exists.  I do know that there were two uploads from two different memory cards (copy 0 (master) and copy 3).