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Re: AVTS - Summary Page

There are many problems with trying to print a receipt for the voters.

    1)    As per Dr. Shamos - The selling of votes.
    2)    Voters not knowing about the receipt and leaving it for the next
voter to see how they voted.
    3)    The time it takes to print the receipt adding to the total voting
    4)    Running out of paper during voting.
    5)    The in-ability to have a single continuous report showing the
zeros total and the results total.

Finally what is the point.  If it to allow a voter to question the election
results by producing their receipt and having someone locate the ballot that
matches the receipt, what proof is there that the printed receipt is not

Given all these problems I do not think the company should even consider
implementing such a system.


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> The ability of the AVTS to be able to do a last page summary of what the
> voter had voted on their ballot, has been discussed in the past. I do not
> remember if it was submitted as a RCR.  Can anyone tell me the status of
> this.
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems