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RE: AVTS - Summary Page

In both Florida and Georgia, S.of S. and legislative task force discussions ( which can lead to and occasionally precedes election code) has lit upon  the possibility of a receipt for each voter using the touch screen.  The spectrum is wide.  From a simple “My vote was cast” to a reproduction of the ballot have been entertained as possible receipts. 


I not sure this is reason enough to set off down that path – but it certainly warrants consideration.  A big obstacle to TS voting gaining wide spread acceptance is also at the hear of it’s FFB. It’s paperless trail.  While we understand that the ballot can be reproduced – that doesn’t necessarily hold water with the public, SOE’s, or legislators.


Reviewing our position in this area, as it relates to both legislation and competitors(s)  (Sequoia has this feature)  may serve us well as we position for ever changing and dynamic markets. And then again – if we come up with something superlative – why not.


From the swamps of Florida,




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> The ability of the AVTS to be able to do a last page summary of what the
> voter had voted on their ballot, has been discussed in the past. I do not
> remember if it was submitted as a RCR.  Can anyone tell me the status of
> this.

There was an RCR submitted by Knecht "AVTS - Voter Summary Page" regarding printing of a summary page for the voter.  Discussion of that went offline briefly and the request is currently tabled pending further developments.  Hopefully it will die:  it is a terrible idea, deserving of letters to the editor.

As for a summary screen, I don't think there has been a formal RCR as of yet.  I don't really understand the request myself:  voters are welcome to review their ballot, so I don't see the functionality.  If you want to submit it, please include whether this is required by law, and some motivation for the request.  On the technical side, there is the question of where to get the race titles to put on the summary screen, and what to do when all races do not fit on one screen.  We'll need suggestions in the RCR for those issues.