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RE: VIBS 10key pad

Error sequence:
After pressing the key associated with the candidate, Vibs tries to open the file "SelectedToVote.wav".
This file is not present on your system. Ballot Station cancels the ballot as a result of the missing file.
The SelectToVote.wav file needs to be Copied and then renamed to SelectedToVote.wav.
Location: C:\My Elections\1033\
Posted on behalf of Ken.

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From: Steve Knecht

To: Larry Dix ; Don@gesn.com ; Jeff Hallmark

Cc: Frank Kaplan ; Barry Herron

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 11:06 AM

Subject: VIBS 10key pad

The 10-keypad I received on Saturday for our demonstration at the Secretary of State's Technology day arrived.  I tested it this AM.  Each time I place a vibs voter card into the machine and respond to a candidate position - it CANCELs the ballot.  This does not appear to lend itself to a demonstration.  Are there some special instructions I'm missing?  We've got to have a working 10 key pad for this week and next. 

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