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RE: NEWS: Unisys, Dell, MS team on vote technology

Considering that Dell is going to be our direct competitor we should
reconsider our relationship with them!

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I think we can all recognize the sharks in the water.  They've detected a
little blood from the wounds of the November and now its time for the
feeding frenzy to begin.

Hang on tight!  It's going to be a wild ride this year.


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Yes, I remember, now why is that..............?
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>   How many remember our partnership with Unisys?  It seems
> that they're ready to come back.  [And no, I'm not bitter!]
> Unisys, Dell, MS team on vote technology
> ZDnet article by Sandeep Junnarkar
> January 11, 2001
> Unisys, a maker of mainframe computers, announced Thursday
> that it is
> teaming up with Microsoft Corp. and Dell Computer Corp. to
> create a
> technology-based system that could replace what many call
> antiquated
> ballot-counting machines now scattered across the country.
> Unisys (NYSE: UIS ), based in Blue Bell, Pa., will act as an
> integrator of
> the various technologies that will be used to create the
> voting system.
> Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) will supply the computers, touch-screen
> monitors, and
> keyboards, while Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) will create the
> software to
> operate the system, a Unisys representative said.
> This coalition is one of the more recent efforts announced.
> It will face a
> slew of players--from start-ups that focus solely on voting
> systems to
> other tech giants such as IBM--that are also salivating at
> the opportunity
> to replace the much-maligned systems now in use.
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