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RE: Software Install for California & Vibs

--- Kerry Martin <kmglobal@earthlink.net> wrote:
>     The "WinNT Media" folder is part of the install
> package for at least
> which is the latest and greatest.  

Right, but this is just a convenience.  It is not part
of InstallShield, like MDAC.

> Whether
> or not we use this
> folder depends on the operating system on the
> machine.  

Right, but it only needs to be installed once.  This
should be installed *with the operating system*.

> The installation of
> the language packs depends on what languages will be
> supported.  

TSText is part of the GEMS install, regardless of the
languages running in the jurisdiction.

The Vibs language audio is a little more hairy, and
needs to be installed seperately.  Thats a bug.  It
might be worth while to take the couple of hours to
move VIBS audio into the right place if this mess is
causing installation confusion (sounds like it is). 

> The
> installation of the California sound files will
> depend on the database being
> used.

This needs to be changed.  It is not reasonable to
maintain a seperate set of audio files, especially
within a state, unless there is some compelling (read,
statutory) reason to do so.


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