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RE: GEMS 1-11-8 and JResult Client.

Fair enough question, but really I have no idea.  That was the "feedback" part of my first message.  You should pick a time that is at least several times the refresh time (the time it takes GEMS to generate the results).  Anything less and GEMS spends all its time generating reports and no time posting results.  You can keep an eye on the poster to see if things are backing up.
At the end of the day Mike's five minute recommendation sounds reasonable, but really someone has to try it on real data and post their findings.  YRMV.
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Ken, could you be more specific with respect to the refresh time on the Results Server?  For example 3 minutes for 50 precincts, 2 minutes for 30 precincts, etc.
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Another pointer.  Do not set the "update time" in the Result Server to below 5 minutes.  You will get flak from the election official, they want the results in realtime, but setting the "update time" to 1 minute will do nothing but drag down your system.  This assumption of course is based on larger accounts.  If anyone in the devel team wishes to dispute this fact, please feel free to post:)   
Very recent 1.17s should be better in this regard.  We'd love feedback on whether this is actually the case.
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