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Re: Getting Nel a Laptop

The two elections went very well.  That said, the last portion of vote centers in both cases could not upload.  Saskatoon's modem lights and console port statuses looked correct as this was occuring.  I'm not sure what Regina's symptoms were.  So:  watch the modems and console, re-start as necessary.
Another thing we observed with modems was that starting the ports on the AccuVote Server 1 console would cause one or more modems to be set off-hook and after a 'the call can not be completed as dialed' message the modems reset and were functional.  This was also achieved by stopping and restarting ports on the AV Server 1 console. 
Tab has corroborated this experience and believes it may be a result of some recent internal changes to modems.
Saskatoon was extremely happy with the management of the election.
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Subject: Re: Getting Nel a Laptop

how did Saskatoon and Regina go yesterday?

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Subject: Getting Nel a Laptop

>It is a major inconvenience that the other  support person in Canada does
>not have  a laptop.  Please provide Nel with the tools to do his job.