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RE: Removing the date on the AV Tapes

So you are saying it would cost $100,000.00 dollars to change.....:)
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Mike Brown wrote:
Beth Kish in Cobb county has forgotten to change the date in GEMS, and now
she has a date problem on her AV tapes.  She is becoming very insistent that
we find a solution for her forgetfulness.  She would be happy if we could
just remove the date from the tapes all together.  Are we able to modify the
A-Basic file for her to remove the date stamp on the tape?  What is the best
course of action. I have already told her we can't be changing anything this
late in the game, but as usual the client is getting persistent.
  These modifications are fairly simple in Accu-Basic.  Say 0.5 hours coding, 1.0 hours testing, and 0.5 hours distribution.  Installation support not included.  The time to negotiate exactly what to change is extra and misunderstandings can multiply the whole effort.  :-)

  However, they would have to re-download.  If they have already or are about to do their L&As then this would probably not be an option.