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GEMS 1.17.x

All sites in California are waiting on a working GEMS versions.  They have been told NOT to upgrade until Tari tells them to.  Almost none of them has done full system testing, and many are not complete for SOS certification. Pollworker training starts next week at some sites (Fresno, Santa Barbara).  In some cases, the people doing training are same ones to do system testing and won't be able to do much testing after this week.  I know we're doing our best, but some focus on fixing reported issues from Tari and Nel is getting important.  We need stable GEMS soon. Items in summary below from Tari/Nel. Thanks
  • Blank and overvote statistics are reported in reverse order in the SOVC report in GEMS
  • the SOVC sort by button produces the same report no matter which is selected - it sorts by sort seq and NOT by votes when votes is selected. (
  •  Nels precincts reporting totals incorrect on Summary Report (
  • doubling results in JResults (
  • no bold for winners in SOVC -  (
  • Cumulative report precincts are not included in the Number of Report Units and Number of Report Units Reporting in the Election Summary report, provided that the corresponding check boxes have been selected in the Election Summary Report window (
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